Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Safety

Used tires can make a big difference on your vehicle in Burton, MI

Dealing with tire issues is stressful. You don't want to purchase another set of tires, but sometimes you need more than the spare you have in your trunk. It's also not safe to be driving long distances on your spare tire. Instead of panicking, turn to Delta Wholesale Tire Center, Inc.

We can get you a set of used tires so you can save money and replace your busted tires. We're a certified used tire dealer in Burton, MI. Let us guide you through your used tire options today.

Pick out a set of tires, and we'll handle the rest

Pick out a set of tires, and we'll handle the rest

Although purchasing new tires can be overwhelming, we do our best to make the entire process painless. Once you choose your new set of used tires, we will:

  • Dismount your old tires
  • Mount your new tires
  • Balance your tires

We have used tire sets that start at just $30. Visit our used tire dealer today to get started.